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Industries we commonly serve

30-60% RH

Maintaining Hygroscopic Stability for Wood (Equilibrium Moisture Content) – preserving dimensional stability; protecting against warping, bowing, shrinking, checking and glue joint failures.

40-65% RH

Maintaining Hygroscopic Stability for Paper Products (Equilibrium Moisture Content) – preventing shrinkage, dimension and weight changes, equipment miss-feeds and static electricity (ESD).

40-60% RH

Maintaining required relative humidity standards for electronics production and processes – preventing the unintended “built in” latent effects caused by static electricity.

40-60% RH

Preserving the manufactured integrity of fibers against the affects of static electricity – and decreasing suspended air dust as by-product of fiber process operations.

30-80% RH

Maintaining Hygroscopic Stability for Food products during all phases of storage and processing to preserve quality, texture, color, freshness and taste.  Unique food properties sometimes require very high relative humidity at low temperatures.

Up to 65% RH

Greenhouses, Painting, Finishing, Cold Storage, Baking, Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals, Aviaries, Libraries, Museums, Leather Products, Tobacco, and Hospitals.

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